When it comes to the coffee, there are more than a half of people agreeing that this is the best way to encourage their spirit for everyday. It could be claimed that the morning habit of drinking coffee has became the longer and longer trend for people at any ages. Moreover, you could see this drinking in any dietary of people in the time of losing weight. In many research of how to lost weight, along with delicate fitness machine, they add the low-cab dietary into daily meals. Then, according to many weight loss experts, coffee could boost your process faster but less effort. With them, having a cup of coffee every morning fresh their spirit and improve creation ability. Coffee includes a short range of beneficial component for your healthy, especially main functions to shape your body if it is used in the right way. Here are some benefits regarding the coffee for process of weight loss.

1. How coffee is useful for weight loss

Coffee-Weight-LossCoffee is considered as an ideal tool for suppression of appetite and improvement of burning calories. To be specific, caffeine in coffee helps you reduce your desire to eat for a certain moment and not so long. Many people believe that drinking much coffee give them an edge because they do not want to eat anymore after drink it. However, it does not mean you should use it continuously to limit the appetite because over-limitation of caffeine will damage your health. This could be a contemporary method.

In addition, caffeine is used to simulate the process of thermogenesis. It is the way for your body to generate heats and energy from metabolizing food; as the result, the calorie burning is faster. In other ways, caffeine acts as a diuretic that causes us to have water-loss thus there will have a temporary decrease in our body weight.

2. Coffee boost your metabolism

A lot of researches have shown that during the metabolism, caffeine boosts this process smoothly and allows you to burn fat. The reason is that when ingesting caffeine, it will boost the process of lipolysis, which allows your body break down fat stores to convert it into energy. After all, the fatty acids will be reduced and improve the metabolic process quickly.

More importantly, to succeed in the process of weight-loss, the healthy website suggest drinking coffee black when you are in empty stomach with in moderation amount. As their research, caffeine stimulates your nervous system and hence increases the metabolism. However, they also remind that cautions against drinking coffee while consuming carbohydrates. To be concluded, if you drink coffee while eating carbohydrates, the fat burning will be overridden by the insulin that is produced right in your body. It must be the effects of caffeine.

3. Coffee is helpful to your fitness

fitness-coffeeUpon the diet research, coffee or caffeine is seen as the great tool to lose weight in efficient way. It is powerful anti-oxidant that plays crucial role of your recovery from overall immune health and doing exercises. Coffee encourages you with a mental edge and helps you greater concentration.

Coffee is highly considered for many reasons in which generates energy for your body. Caffeine as a stimulant, allows you to perform various tasks for a longer time.  Researchers have explained that with small amount caffeine, you could get energy at % 100 percentages during your fitness. It means giving your 100% in the gyms and making the result more quickly.

4. Other Benefits

Coffee will suppress your appetite hence it is more important for coffee drinkers to maintain a healthy diet and add more water a day. However, there are many people drinking so much coffee that they skip meals. Thus, to fill up their stomach and supply body with enough energy, they overeat later or even cut back on their water and eat more snacks or unhealthy foots. Fastfood could be an example and this kind of food have you fat so fast. Thus, while drinking coffee, it is necessary to keep the main meals like breakfast and consume more water to have your body full energy.

The opponents said that different people have reactions to caffeine in different ways thus, for somebody drinking a cup of coffee to get all hopped up for many hours. Others many cups of coffee all day long with little effect. Therefore, according to needs and balance of each person, you could modify the amount of coffee added into meals every day. If you do not regularly ingest so much caffeine, a couple hundred milligrams are likely to help you get awesome effects. You could start at amount of 100 milligrams and then up your intake to 200 milligrams. It is possible to increase gradually the amount of caffeine intake to adjust your body balance.

Warnings: Coffee is awesome but be careful


  • To have successful result of weight-loss, you should avoid have caffeine with sugary or high-calorie drinks like milk or sweeten milk. It is better if you just stick black coffee.
  • Remember not to take so much caffeine: it is because so much caffeine is harmful to your health. This will cause your heart race, making you feel jittery and so on. Moreover, taking so much caffeine a day could distract mind and lose your focus. Thus, you do not overdose if you start with small amount of coffee intake to see how your body reacts before taking more.
  • It is better to have doctor guide if you are pregnant or have heart problems, even high heart-pressure.
  • Caffeine somehow is a stimulant. Consequently, taking it allows you to beat up on some certain systems of your body. Thus, if you suddenly stop using after having consistently, you will see non–efficient result like digesting system or headaches… For all reason, make sure of that do not get addicted to this drinking if you do not have ability to monitor changes of it.

In conclusion, as in your usage way, coffee will be useful or harmful for your health. However, please remember that a cup of coffee with moderation amount in the morning is always helpful for your mind and spirit. To have careful guide line and how to add caffeine intake to your body could make you succeed in weight loss process.



starbucks-coffeeThe appearance and development of coffee market tightly stick to the development of our humankind. From a long time ago, people have known how to enjoy drinking coffee for their inspiration through light milk coffee, star buck and different kinds of this delicate spice. That is the reason why the density of coffee house is seen popular everywhere over the world. The Take away coffee is the latest trend for the younger nowadays for its convenience and unique delicacy. It is very easy to see a cup of cappuccino on street pub when you are on the walk. This sense also generates a sensitive sight for street that you overpass.

As the successful story, starbuck story is an example of turning a passion for coffee into a successful business. Just starting from a small coffee shop in Seattle, the business venture becomes a global marketing phenomenon. The discovery of this successful story is derived from the importance of passion for an excellent product and the way to extend new experience for drinkers. That great idea generates the story of Starbuck Company found by Howard Schultz.


From the decades of 90s Howard Schultz who is the Starbucks Coffee Co. leader now travelled around Seattle and found a lot of differences. Starbuck established from a small store comfortably serviced a large amount of people in the area in spite of economic difficulties. What makes Starbuck different from any stores is the passion and sharing of knowledge about coffee of founders. Consequently, in this area, Starbuck became the most popular with the Seattle coffee crowd. One difference we had from Starbuck is the way it educated its customers on the various blends of coffees. Above all, Starbucks was stressed by its America tasting and bland coffee.

One more reason why Howard Schultz chose coffee as his main product to develop is through his trip in Italian. He realized that coffee drinking should be part of a Community’s social life. The most important is supply customers the places where coffee is always available and tasteful; the places where one can sit, sip coffee and interact with others, their friends or even strangers. It could be claimed that, the coffee community makes people get closer. However, in that time, the experience of drinking coffee is not plentiful and that explained why he wanted to find out the new experience of coffee like espresso and so on for everyone to enjoy.


Starbucks-driveAfter a long travel to discover coffee and a new experience of this ideal drinking, Howard decided to put up his own company at the first start of developing espressos across Seattle. Espresso is one kind of coffees, being perfectly mixed by coffee and milk at the moderate amount. This has been a popular drinking from the years of 90s until now. He sold espresso coffee and built up Coffee bars in the United States. He turned this into a novel phenomenon, bringing the great success to him. During the time of running his business, his passion for coffee drove him to the success what brought him over the hump.

According to his sharing of coffee success, the key to it all was the crucial belief in that the business must be sound and successful. This is also where your passion comes. It could be concluded that the belief and love for the coffee business is the most preferred for everyone to making the business success.

The successful business was also obtained for the entrepreneurship of Shultz and his partners who have the same passion and target to produce wonderful results. It is also from the ability of Howard to foresee the future and believe in destiny that makes him decide good things.


To develop and run the company for a long time is not a simple task. During the time to extending the market and developing his company, Howard stood at many difficulties like troubles of employees. However, with open eyes, he still acted his dream to drive more and more people having same the love to coffee espresso.

In hope of opening stores all over the United States for certain years, Howard had great attempt in both soul and time to creating jumping steps of coffee in this time. It means that they have to change from the old idea to a fresh concept of drinking coffee for Starbuck. With new experience from Starbuck, it offers drinkers resonance and benefits as seductive as: a comfortable emotion, an affordable luxury, a taste of romance and certainly casual social interaction.

For the last experience of social interaction: Starbucks support valuable results in both the communities where it sets up stores and in countries where its espresso is grown. By September 1995, Starbucks came up with the commitment “Do Our Part” which displays their beliefs and aspirations as well as a set of specific short-term commitments for improving the life quality in coffee countries. The more social the company is, the more active and passionate customers grab from coffee’s source.



Pure your heart into COFFEE: Schultz has achieved his success that is well-known over the world with his heart, passion, commitment. It is also considered that Starbuck comes from the enthusiasm of many dedicated people who have great contribute to its fame. Starbucks could be said that there is not only money but also inspiration pursuing the dreams of coffee. Thanks for those they have been encouraged to lead business with new and fresh discovery of drinking coffee. This new experience allows audiences to enjoy their coffee in a completely different way with many colors. They are people who send their desire and passion for coffee to drinkers, making cups of coffee greater.

On the other hands, coming from the effort of not only a person, victory is the achievement of effort and contribution of many people. Howard Schultz has succeeded in not his business of coffee chain but sharing his passion and knowledge of coffee to everyone including his customers. As he said that “your success must come from many factors. Above all, your passion to it is the most important. With me, the same result”, coffee is always the great inspiration through his life.


Coffee is your love, your passion? It does not means that coffee brings you certain benefits and you see them as your love. It is right. With me, drinking coffee becomes daily habit and makes fresher to create something new. I have read in a story, they said that Life is a cup of coffee. So, today I will discuss about the coffee and benefits we have from it.


Why life is a cup of coffee?

The answer for this question “what is life?” could be different because of various aspects. Moreover, the answer depends on each person and their life experience. With someone, this identification of LIFE sounds so complicated because to go on in this life, there will have many and many difficulties to face. And with the rest, the simple answer is “Life is just a cup of coffee”. This becomes from a story. In a university class, there is an exchange between students and the professor. When discussing about the life and work to direct their future career, they had different ideas of stress in work and in life. To start his own story and discussion, the professor went to the kitchen and took a large pot of coffee an assortment of cups from glass, plastic, crystal and so one. In them, there are some cups looking luxurious, expensive or exquisite. Afterwards, he asked all students have their own cup of coffee in their hands.

He directed their eyes to the cup of coffee and said “just have a notice, you could realize that expensive cups were taken up, leaving behind the plain and cheap ones. While you figure out that the reason of problems and stress is from awareness what the best is for yourselves. Life finally is like the coffee. And jobs, money or career position in you socials is as cups. It does mean that you take an expensive cup you could enjoy the best coffee. Sometimes, by focusing just on the cup, you will have the right cup of coffee. So, do not let the cups drive you but enjoy it instead”.

It is simple to understand that like a cup of coffee, our life is sometime very easy to understand how it works and what you need to focus before taking anything.

Benefits of coffee for a successful person should not passed


  • Coffee is helpful for your physical activity: as in health aspect, coffee is added to your blood stream and acts as fuel allowing the part smoothly to move through the body. It also increases the level adrenaline in your body and improves your physical ability. Thus, it enhances your physical performance. With a moderate amount like a cup of coffee an hour before you have the gym; it will encourage you to have full workout in the better way.
  • As the first reason, coffee improves your physical and mental workout, preventing you from health risks. Diabetes is one of stark examples. Many studies have concluded that thanks for coffee, diabetics are likely to die from the disease. Especially, coffee works against cardiovascular disease, helping you have strong heart and work as normal.
  • Coffee is used to work against brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. it is explained that the caffeine in coffee does not allow adenosine to act in your brain, being an inhibitory of blooding transmit through body and brain. Therefore, the brains have full function at significant level. Also, moderate amount of coffee helps you improve reaction time, keep memory in a long time and general thinking function of brain.
  • One of awesome benefits from coffee is reducing depression. As in some recent studies, drinking several cups of coffee will save you more. It keeps your spirit high and less depressed. Of course, the result is to enjoy fresh feelings, which prolongs your life in the future. The happier you are more comfortable and pleasant you get from the life. Coffee brings you happier and relaxing moments. It could be the key of your success. More importantly, this could be seen as the method for you to keep weight loss. Drinking coffee helps you with more fat-burning supplements, thus the metabolic system is faster, burning more calories for your body. As the result, your weight loss process will be shorten and more effective.
  • Fresh and happy spirit as well as healthy body supplies you with a body of full energy. For that, you will certainly get high achievement when taking task in the company. Hence, you could earn more money.

In the end, improve your life means that improve your cup of coffee. I’m addicted to the coffee so much and the passion for it is endless. Life is just a cup of coffee, thus see everything simpler than ever. Besides, drinking coffee bring you a healthy life with a moderate amount to make sure not of harm.

Pressure washers are a must for the professional operator

For a detailer today a pressure washer is essential. It is no longer a luxury item. Most savvy detailers have learned that pressure washers will save time and increase profits.

Without question, I believe that every detail shop must have a pressure washer to perform professional detailing work.

According to an informal survey that I have conducted with freestanding and mobile detailers, more than 60 percent of them have pressure washers or are planning on purchasing them. This would make pressure washers one of the most used pieces of equipment behind buffers and vacuums.

If you have one, you know that it is a relatively simple piece of equipment. It includes a motor, a pump to move the water through the hose and a nozzle that increases the speed of the water as it escapes, providing much of the force with which the water hits the surface of the car or engine.


The operational concept of a pressure washer is simple: Water is forced through a small space (nozzle tip), and under the pressure, the stream of water strikes a surface with a cleaning chemical applied previously.

Pressure washers are available in either direct-drive or belt-driven models. They can utilize cold or hot water with pressures ranging from about 1,000 psi to more than 40,000 psi. In the detail business, we would never use more than a 2,500 psi pressure washer. In fact, the most common systems operate at about 1,000 to 1,500 psi maximum.

The pressure washer can be operated by gasoline, diesel, propane or electric power and can be either single or three phase.

There are many different choices as indicated above, and what determines the type of pressure washer a detailer will use depends on several factors:

  • Operating from a mobile or fixed location
  • Availability of electric power (some fixed locations do not have three-phase power)
  • Detailer’s preference for hot or cold water, and
  • Detailer’s preference for electric or fuel power.

Prices for best electric pressure washer are as varied as the choice of models. While there are home-type units you can purchase for less than $200, I would not even consider this type for even a small detail operation. These units are not designed or built for constant, everyday, commercial use. They are for homeowners who occasionally want to wash the house or driveway. I can tell you from experience this type of system will burn out in less than a month if used in a detail operation.

The cost for a good commercial-grade pressure washer will run from $1,000 for a portable, gasoline-powered, cold water unit to more than $4,000 for a portable, heated electric unit.

There are also remote-mounted electrical units that you can mount in an equipment room; then you can simply run the pressure hose out to your wash bay area. These units are usually three-phase but are available in single-phase.

If you want heated water, the most efficient way to get it is to use a natural gas, wall-mounted “instant-heat” unit. These are similar in concept to the instant hot water systems available on household sinks.

The price for remote-mounted pressure washers, including hose boom, 25-foot hose, gun and gun holder, will run $3,000 and up. The natural gas heater will run about another $1,500.

Making the selection

When looking for a pressure washer you need to do your homework in so far as your use patterns are concerned. First, determine how many hours a day you will be operating the pressure washer. Next, decide on how many gallons per minute (gpm) you will want and the pressure. As mentioned, in a detail shop the norm may be 3 gpm at about a maximum of 1,500 psi.

Let me mention the “power factor” of a pressure washer. This is a simple calculation, but sometimes a misleading measure of a pressure washer’s performance. It often leads a prospective buyer to think that both pressure (psi) and flow rate (gpm) contribute equally to performance. In actuality, pressure is less significant than flow rate when it comes down to the performance of a pressure washer. You can better measure performance by using what is called “impact force.”

Impact force is calculated by the volume of water thrown at the surface varied by the pressure at which it is being moved. You can calculate this by multiplying the flow rate by the pressure to give an overall power rating.

It is easy to determine how much power a pressure washer has. Every machine will provide a flow rate and pressure capacity. The higher these numbers are, the higher the impact force and the higher the energy available.

The numbers are important but you should not choose a pressure washer based only on the flow rate and pressure capacity, however, because the psi can be overrated. You should also consider if the drive motor’s horsepower is high enough to provide the flow rate.

The engine manufacturers use the following formula to determine what’s necessary to drive a pressure washer: psi x gpm divided by 1,460 x 1.5.

Using this formula, a 3,000 psi pressure washer at 3.5 gpm would require a 10.7-hp engine to operate efficiently. Unfortunately, some pressure washer manufacturers build and sell machines with engines that are too small to perform over the long haul.

Misuse by the detailer

Keep in mind that the impact force of a pressure washer will be affected by where the detailer stands in relation to the surface of the vehicle he or she is cleaning. If the detailer shoots a stream directly perpendicular to the side of a vehicle, peak cleaning energy will be expended, but little will be accomplished. However, aiming the stream at a 25-degree angle to the surface will substantially increase effectiveness.

Detailers should also be aware of the benefits of chemical injectors and heated water.

On vehicles that have buildups of grease, oil, or oil mixed with dirt, hot water pressure washers are a necessity to speed up the job.

Water temperatures in hot water units can reach as high as 210 F. How hot is that? Water boils at 212 F. Or better yet, when 140 F water contacts human skin, serious burns can result.

Belt or direct-drive units

As mentioned earlier, you must know and understand the difference between belt and direct drive.

On direct-drive machines the pumps are bolted to the engines, making them lighter in weight with a longer life expectancy than the belt-driven units.

It is estimated that a direct-drive machine can increase efficiency from 10 percent to 15 percent. For example, what you can do with a 5-hp, direct-drive pressure washer would require a 7-hp to 8-hp belt-driven unit. Cutting the connections between the drive source and the water pump will translate into a shorter distance and greater engine efficiency.

Direct-drive pressure washers are also lighter and a better choice for mobile detail operations. For example, many expensive belt-driven pressure washers weigh in at more than 150 pounds, while a 3 gpm/1,500 psi direct-drive model might weigh less than 100 pounds.

This is not a one-sided story. There are benefits to using belt-driven units. One of them is durability.

Belt-driven pressure washers connect the engine to the pump shaft by a belt and generally outlive direct drives. They are much more robust machines and will last longer because the drive has less wear on the pump.

One of the biggest users of pressure washers are rental yards. Which units are used there? You got it, belt-driven pressure washers. They are the choice because they are less susceptible to engine vibration and will last longer.

Looking at accessories

In the past there wasn’t much more available than the hose, gun and hose boom, if used in a fixed location. Today, there are numerous accessories available, but many are not applicable to the detailing business. Here are some of the accessories:

  • Brush attachments
  • Foaming brush attachments
  • Rotating models with an array of tips and nozzles
  • Telescoping extensions, and
  • Floor-cleaning units.

As mentioned, detailers have little use for many of these attachments. However, the most important accessory to emerge recently has been the rotary nozzle, also called the “turbo nozzle.” This device improves the efficiency of the pressure washer by concentrating the effort in one area.

This also increases the cleaning power by spinning a 0 degree jet of water in a conical pattern. It cleans with the force of a direct stream of water (0 degree nozzle), but gives the coverage of a wider degree fan nozzle.

As mentioned earlier, impact force is affected by the type of tip used. Tips will range from 0 degrees to 40 degrees, the latter being designed to spread a broad swipe of water across the surface. As the spray angle increases, the cleaning energy on the surface decreases.

To clean an engine might take 10 or 15 minutes with a standard nozzle tip. With a rotary nozzle, the same job can be completed in five minutes in some cases.

Removing caked-on brake dust from a wheel is always a challenging task. But the rotary nozzle can help in terms of reducing the time and hand labor required.


While I have attempted to give you as much information as possible about pressure washers and how they work and what to look for, I am certain that more could be said on the subject.

When choosing a pressure washer don’t forget to do your homework. Spend some time doing the math.

If I can be of any help, please give me a call at 800-284-0123.

Joe Sipowicz is product and production engineer for Detail Plus Car Appearance Systems Inc. Sipowicz’s background includes 20 years in the retail business, including several years as operator and general manager of two auto detail centers. Today Sipowicz is in charge of all technical services for Detail Plus, which includes the development and setup of detail centers, training and customer service problems.

Removing and inserting a rear wheel

Cycling is fun no matter how bad you are. Unlike, say, the life-altering public humiliation of sucking at soft ball, on a bike ride you can fall over 10 times and still finish with a bigger grin than the rest of your friends. Even so, the better you get on a bicycle, the more fun you have–and vice versa. Alison Dunlap, reigning XC World champion, and member of the LUNA Chix Mountain Bike Team, says that having more fun while riding is a simple thing. “There are hundreds of riding techniques and subtleties,” she notes, “but everything you do oalnn a bike can be boiled down to two elements: balance and momentum.”


“When I won the ’99 Pan Am Games in Winnipeg, Manitoba, there were all these really tight switchbacks,” Dunlap says. “Riders without good balance were falling down the hill, but I rode them without ever coming off the bike. That was the key to my win.”

First you need to read more about user manual and reviews of the bike. Here are two simple ways to help you how to balance the bike.

1. Learn to track stand.

After 4 or 5 practice sessions of 5 to 10 minutes each, you should be able to trackstand for 20 to 30 seconds. Here’s how: Ride onto a slight incline and slow to a stop.

  1. Level your cranks so they’re horizontal.
  2. Turn the front wheel slightly toward the foot that’s in the 9 o’clock position (the rear foot).
  3. Apply enough pedal pressure to keep from rolling backward, but not so much that you roll forward. (If you do creep up, straighten the handlebar until you roll back.)
  4. Practice maintaining equilibrium between forward and backward momentum.
  5. Use the front brake for more control.
  6. Move to flat terrain when you get good.

2. Ride the narrow.

To pedal steadily atop curbs, parking blocks and painted lines, you need to do all your “steering” with your body instead of the handlebar. This teaches you to balance your bike by shifting your weight from side to side and pointing your hips in the direction you want your bike to go.


The 2000 Olympic mountain biking course in Sydney, Australia, included a section dubbed “the Cauldron,” an immense rock staircase that left little room for mistakes. “If you messed up and fell off the side, you’d drop 12 feet straight down,” says Dunlap. “The stakes were enormous. I hesitated–and walked that section–the first three days of practice.” Dunlap knew she’d have to clear the section in the race, so during the next practice, she followed competitors who were better at descending. “I cleaned it perfectly–on race day, too–because I stopped hesitating.”

Following someone faster–shifting when they shift, changing lines when they do, mimicking their body position–is one of the best ways to put more momentum in your ride. Here are two others:

  1. Start linking moves. When rock climbers perform two simultaneous movements–like springing upward as they grab a new handhold–it’s called a dynamic technique. Good cyclists do the same thing. The most basic example: lifting the front wheel and shifting it to one side while it’s still in the air. Dynamic moves preserve momentum; there’s no break between your actions. Practice linking whatever skills you already possess into new combinations.
  2. Ditch the brakes. Find a trail with at least two consecutive rollers–short, steep rises that don’t put you above 15 mph on the way down. Practice riding up and over without braking. This helps you feel that magic sensation of being pulled along by the trail like a fish in a current–and helps you find that, current.